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Photographer: Stacey Visit this artist's gallery
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Location: USA
Experience: Beginner
Copyright by Stacey (Pix# 1316)
"running from the waves"
Submitted: Sat Jun 20 2009 2:45 pm [View artist's Gallery]
Taken: 06/09/2009
Artist Notes: Taken with my Lumix DCM-TZ5. My little boy was running from the ocean waves. (I have had a busy summer, so no time to learn all the additional settings yet. I am still taking pictures in the scenery settings)
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• Great capture of a very cute little one. You just may need to switch to "sport" settings for that fast mover :-) [by mv on Jun 20 2009]
• Lovely capture and great expression! The horizon looks a tiny bit tilted on the right side. If you can straighten that, it would make it even better :) [by ar on Jun 21 2009]
• The young man is having a good time it looks like. I agree the horizon is tilted a bite. nice shot. [by hm on Jun 22 2009]
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